How to Clean Your Pool Cartridge Filter

During the warm summer months pool owners are the most popular people around. Family, friends and neighbours all do their fair share of visiting and swimming at your place.

All that activity can make for a dirty lagoon at the end of the season. But luckily, cleaning out your pool filter just takes a bit of practice before you can tackle the chore in no time.

A Clean Pool is a Happy Pool

One of the biggest advantages to choosing a cartridge filter over a sand filter is the fact that it only needs to be cleaned out a few times each year. If you clean the filter out according to these steps, you should only need to clean the filter about four times a year.

While these are simple steps to follow, be prepared for a tedious task for your first filter cleaning. As time goes on and you gain confidence in your cleaning skills, the task will seem less daunting.

Easy How To: Clean Out a Cartridge Filter

The following steps will teach you how to clean your filter properly and keep your pool looking and feeling like new all year round:

Step 1.

Shut down the system. Before tackling any pool maintenance job it’s a good idea to switch the filtration system off for your safety.

Step 2.

Carefully remove the clamp that holds the filter system together. Different filter brands may have different clamps so refer to the paperwork that came along with your filter for further details.

After the clamp is removed, carefully remove the top part of the filter to reveal the cartridge elements inside.

pool filterPhoto credit: Bill Jacobus via Flickr.

Depending on the brand and model of your filter, you may see another part holding the cartridges in place. If so, remove this piece before you continue the cleaning process. Refer to your product information manual for more details on the removal process.

Step 3.

Carefully remove all cartridge elements and set them aside. Closely check each cartridge for damage before continuing.

The smallest tear or crack can greatly reduce the effectiveness of your filter. If there are any cracks on the plastic or tears in the pleats, we recommend you replace the filter cartridge.

Step 4.

Use a degreaser to coat all cartridge elements, taking extra care to get the product between each pleat. Some degreasers can be applied with a simple spray technique while others requiring soaking overnight. Be sure to follow the product instructions carefully.

Step 5.

Next, use a water wand or garden hose to rinse between each pleat in the filter cartridge. Use your thumb to help increase the water pressure and dislodge stubborn dirt and debris.

Step 6.

Once each element of the filter is clean replace them in their original order and proper place.

Step 7.

Double check that the O-ring is in place on the filter tank. If it looks too flat or rotted, it may need to be replaced. Otherwise give it a light coating of silicone-based lubricant to keep it working properly.

pool cartridge filterPhoto credit: Bill Jacobus via Flickr.

Step 8.

Replace the tank lid and securely fasten the clamps that hold everything together.

Step 9.

Before turning the system back on, double check that everything is in place and properly secured to avoid any accidents.

Step 10.

With the system running, carefully open the air relief valve located at the top of the filter tank to release any excess air that may be in the system. Leave the valve open until you see water consistently spraying out.

Step 11.

After you’ve released the excess air, be sure to check the filter pressure gauge. This is located at the top of the filter. If the PSI is off the system may not have been put back together correctly or there could be another problem with the system.

A Job Well Done

With a bit of practice, cleaning your cartridge filter will become a simple and quick chore. If cleaned out properly each time, you can get your filter cleanings down to just four times per year – leaving you more time to enjoy your backyard installation!

Remember that a cleaner filter will keep your pool looking and feeling great for the whole family to enjoy year round. Check out our Pool Cartridge Filters online today. Or for more information about keeping your pool in tip top condition, check out our Pools101 blog.

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