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Electric vs Gas Pool Heating

It seems a pity to buy a pool and then not use it when the weather gets too cold. Heating your pool lets you spend more time in the water regardless of the weather outside. It’s also a great way to coax you outside for more exercise even when it’s not 30 degrees out. (And […]

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retainer wall for pool

Swimming Pool Solutions for a Sloped Backyard

If you’re reading this, chances are your backyard presents some challenges where installing a pool is concerned. Many homeowners don’t have a flat lot; this can add complexities to a pool project for customers and contractors alike. At Australian Outdoor Living, we want you to know there are options available when installing a pool on […]

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pool in small backyard

A Swimming Pool for Your Small Garden

Here in Australia, the cost of real estate is skyrocketing. For many of us, having a sprawling garden is a luxury. But this doesn’t mean a swimming pool in our gardens is out of the question. There are plenty of in-ground swimming pool options to beat the Aussie heat this December and spend time lounging and relaxing […]

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