Everything You Need to Know about Buying the Right Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals don’t just keep your pool water clean; they’re critical for keeping your pool safe and comfortable. You need them to prevent bacteria and algae growth in your pool. But it’s also important you use the right chemicals for the right problem.

Here are 4 important things to consider before you buy pool chemicals:

Chemical Balancing

Every pool needs the right mix of chemicals to keep its enticing crystal clear look. Without the right blend, you could end up with a multitude of problems, including:

  • Lot of tiny particles
  • High calcium hardness
  • Early algae growth
  • High total alkalinity
  • Low or high pH levels
  • Low chlorine levels

Over time, dirt and muck will get into your water. And organic matter will inevitably break down to make your water cloudy if you don’t clean it regularly – that includes adding the right chemical concoctions to keep your pool water chemicals balanced.

But how do you know which chemicals are missing or in abundance?


You need to test the water.

Pay attention to chlorine levels, calcium hardness, and pH: if anything is out of the ordinary, run the pool filter for 12-24 hours before trying again.

If a chemical imbalance persists after you’ve run your filter system, you should restore the appropriate chemical levels:

  • High total alkalinity or high pH: add a pH reducer such as Zodiac pH Down Tablets.
  • High calcium hardness: lower the level of calcium-based chlorine in your pool using a settling agent. If the level of calcium is very high, you might want to replace some of your pool water with fresh water.
  • Low chlorine: use a chlorine additive such as Liquid Pool Chlorine.

Pool Chlorine 4kg

Different Types of Pool Chemicals

Alkalinity & pH

It’s important you keep your alkalinity levels balanced. Too little alkalinity in your pool can result in metal corrosion, surface stains, green water, burning eyes and itchy skin. Ouch!

But high alkalinity can boost your water’s pH levels, leading to unappealing cloudy water and lessening the effectiveness of your pool’s chlorine (thus encouraging algae growth – ew!).

Pool acid is an essential chemical for lowering your pool’s alkalinity and pH levels. Or you can use Alkalinity Up to – you guessed it – raise alkalinity.


If you throw in too much pool acid, you could boost your pool’s calcium levels, creating unsightly cloudiness in the water.

Thankfully, you don’t actually need a pool chemical to solve this issue. All you need is a garden hose and some fresh water to dilute your pool!


Chlorine is also one of the must-have chemicals for your pool since it will prevent that awful green slime spoiling your crystal clear water.

Chlorine is a great sanitizer, destroying viruses, fungi and bacteria. Make sure you toss it in before your bacteria grows into algae – algae is harder to combat (you may need algaecide!).

You can use chlorine tablets once every few weeks or days, depending on how often you take a splash.

Our AOL Pool Shop experts can point you to the right chlorine strength based on how many litres of water your pool holds.

Oh, and if you use too much chlorine, never fear! You can get chlorine removers to correct this.



Did you know your pool needs sunscreen too? That’s what stabilizer is for: it protects the chlorine in your pool from the sun.

Some chlorine tablets are mixed with the stabilizer for a quick fix solution. Or you can get this UV Blockout.

Pool Mineral Chemicals

Pool Minerals can help give your pool water that silky smooth feel; plus they’re great for the skin!

Even better:

There are proven health benefits too. Pool minerals help reduce stress and ease aches and pains.


If you’ve spotted algae in your pool you’ll want to combat it quickly! Shock your pool with chlorine, add an algaecide, and run the filter for the rest of the day.

Keep repeating the procedure until the algae in your pool becomes grey, which means it’s dying.

Next add a flocculent. This will help push dead algae to the bottom of the pool to ease cleaning. Then simply vacuum the dead algae and dirt out of the pool.

Lastly, be ready to filter the water to total abolish any remaining dead algae.

Power Clarifier Granules (Flocculant) 2kg

Dogs and Swimming Pools

If your dog swims in your pool, you’ve got to keep the pool water balanced with pooch-friendly chemicals.

Salt chlorine generators work best for dogs. They produce only low levels of natural chlorine so they’re gentle on your pet’s skin.

With all that swimming your pup works up a thirst – and he won’t be able to stop himself lapping at the pool water or any other liquids lying around.

Keep your pool chemicals stored safely away and clean up any chemical spills without delay.

That giant bowl of water can be too much to refuse if you don’t have any other alternatives for your dog. Make sure you always have a dish of fresh, cool water available for your pooch beside the pool.

Ready to Buy?

Are you now more confident about the type of pool chemical you need for your pool?

Then head on over to our Pool Chemicals products to get what you need to keep your pool water crystal clear and enticing for a swim anytime.

If you’re not confident, don’t fret. At the AOL Pool Shop, one of our pool experts will be ready to clear up any confusion – or to perform a comprehensive pool service for you, anywhere in the Adelaide metro area.

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