Handy Tips for Gaining Confidence in Deep Water

With the months flying by, and summer on our heels, many people are preparing their pools for relief from the heat. Swimming can be the perfect exercise, or the most sublime relaxation. And with a little practice anyone can do it. Make sure you’re ready for the summer with these tips to keep you confident and sure in the deep end or open water.

boy under water

Stay calm in the deep end

The most important thing for swimmers to remember is that deep water isn’t something to be afraid of or to avoid, especially if you have that backyard pool you want to make the most of.

You are your own worst enemy in deep water. Stay calm and avoiding panic is key to fostering confidence in the pool. Remember to breathe normally and move calmly and smoothly. Quick, jerky movements will move the water more around you and make you more nervous.

Taking things at your own pace and letting yourself relax will help you to move past these feelings. Calm yourself and let the water support you. Floating is effortless once you catch the hang of it.

Take it slowly

For those who need practice or are not ready yet to move fully into the deep end, start in shallower waters until you get used to it. Accustom yourself to how it feels to float and how you should move while you know you have footing under you if needed.

A great first step moving into the deep end is to move into water just deep enough that you can scrape the bottom with your toes. There your feet can be stable but you can lift them easily. Use this spot to practice floating and treading water without the bottom holding you. This gives you space to move and truly practise. Remember you’re safe and can stand up, so there is no need to be afraid.

Use a prop

If you feel up to practising in the deep end, but want to take it slowly, there are many options for pool accessories that can help you gain confidence. Many fun pool toys can also help you gain confidence. A pool noodle, kick board, or inflatable ring can help can calm and reassure your mind while you enjoy the freedom of deeper water. For children learning deep water skills, floatation devices should always be used.

Have a swim buddy

If you’re unsure of your swimming ability or simply too tense to jump in alone, swim with a friend or two. Being in the water with a trusted individual can give you that small push you needed with the safety of friends around you. Plus swimming with a group makes it that much more fun, helping you forget your fears.

children in pool

Take a class

Swimming is easy and enjoyable once you get started, but always practice safety first. Assess your skills and remain aware of your limits.

If you think you could use a skill upgrade before venturing in on your own, join a professional class at your local swimming pool. Group classes are great fun, but if you’re the shy type one-on-one lessons are always available.

Swimming is an enjoyable activity for young and old alike. If you want to get in on some of that summer fun, gain skill and confidence in the deep end with persistent practice.

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