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Top Tips to Keeping Your Pool Water Warm

Unless you have the budget of a Hollywood star, keeping your pool cranked up to the warmest temperatures all year long isn’t the most economic choice to make. But the truth is, no one wants to take a dip in a cold, uninviting pool. Luckily, there are some easy DIY solutions and awesome products available around […]

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Your Ultimate Pool Chemical Buyers Guide (2)

Everything You Need to Know about Buying the Right Pool Chemicals

Pool chemicals don’t just keep your pool water clean; they’re critical for keeping your pool safe and comfortable. You need them to prevent bacteria and algae growth in your pool. But it’s also important you use the right chemicals for the right problem. Here are 4 important things to consider before you buy pool chemicals: Chemical Balancing Every pool needs the right […]

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Do I Really Need a Pool Filter?

Owning a pool isn’t just a whole lot of fun – it’s also a big responsibility. There are plenty of things you need to do to maintain your pool and make sure it looks good at all times. You don’t want your pool to look cloudy or be full of debris, which is why you’re […]

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Troubleshooter: Pool Pump Problems

Your pump is one of the main components of your swimming pool. It makes sure your pool water passes through the filtration system, which means it’s directly responsible for ensuring your pool water remains fresh and enticing every day. If your swimming pool looks scummy, it’s possible your pool pump is malfunctioning. Given its importance […]

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What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool?

Here at AOL Pool Shop we understand that not everyone comes with a degree in chemistry. But when the kids or pets are in and around the pool we want to know about all the chemicals that go into it. So what chemicals do you need for your pool to keep it safe, clean and […]

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Pool Cleaners: Manual, Automatic or Robotic?

Whether it’s winter or summer, your pool has to be maintained year round. But if you’ve ventured to any pool supplies shop or browsed our online Pool Cleaners products, you’ll have seen there’s a lot of different kinds of pool cleaners around. And if you know little about these contraptions you might be wondering: which type […]

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Your Ultimate Pool Pump Buyers Guide (2)

Your Ultimate Pool Pump Buying Guide

A swimming pool pump is a vital component of your backyard pool, circulating water through the filtration system, mixing chemicals, and sanitising the water to eliminate any nasties. But buying or upgrading your pool pump can be a tricky thing when you start shopping online. There’s the pool pump jargon to wrap your head around, […]

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Your Easy Peasy Guide to Cleaning Your Pool

For many pool owners, the sight of their pool can manifest great feelings of joy and pride. For others, the pool in their backyard might conjure up feelings of guilt and shame. Don’t let yourself fall into the latter category. The only reason for feeling bad about your pool is because it’s not being properly […]

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Your Guide to Buying a Pool Cleaner

Having your own private pool is a wonderful asset to your backyard. But if the sides aren’t kept clean and the water pure, you’ll have little incentive to dive in. Pool cleaners are an essential component of your swimming pool equipment. Pool cleaners prevent algae and bacteria growth, which doesn’t just contaminate your water but […]

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How to Clean Your Pool Cartridge Filter

During the warm summer months pool owners are the most popular people around. Family, friends and neighbours all do their fair share of visiting and swimming at your place. All that activity can make for a dirty lagoon at the end of the season. But luckily, cleaning out your pool filter just takes a bit of practice […]

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Why Is My Pool Cloudy?

Having a backyard pool is a privilege, which makes it doubly hard to bear when you can’t go swimming in it because of unsightly cloudiness. It’s a question we hear every day at AOL Pool Shop: why is my pool cloudy? Has your pool got that milky white look that doesn’t exactly entice you into […]

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air bubbles

Why Does My Pool Have Air Bubbles and How Can I Fix It?

Now your pool is installed in your backyard, everyone in the family is looking forward to plunging in. The pool looks great, but there’s one thing that bothers you. There are bubbles in the water. Before assuming something is seriously wrong, it helps to understand that the reason for those bubbles is likely something that can be easily repaired. Here are […]

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Understanding Water Chemistry for Your Pool

We’ve all heard about balancing your pool water, and we understand why you might be running from that responsibility as fast as you can. The fact is that pool water chemistry sounds more complex than it really is. We can’t emphasise enough how important it is to keep the chemical levels in your water at […]

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algae in water

Combating Algae in Your Swimming Pool

With summer on its way, you’re ready to dive into your pool once more. But after removing the cover, you find an unpleasant sight: algae has taken over your pool! Never fear: algae are easily combatable and its growth is even more easily preventable if you follow the simple tips we’ve provided below. The presence […]

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