Make Your Swimming Pool Safer for Kids

Now summer has finally arrived it’s time to break out the pool floaters and fizzy drinks to catch some rays by the pool. This time of year also means there will be plenty of family and friends stopping by to enjoy some relaxing time by the pool.

Make sure you’re ready to handle the crowds and that the pool is a safe place for kids to have fun with these few easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

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Put Up Barriers

Make your pool safer for all visitors, big and small, with proper barriers. The pool should be completely surrounded with a minimum 1.2 metre barrier or fence with a self-latching and self-closing gate.

This will help keep small children out of the area unless they’re with an adult to open the gate for them. A self-closing and self-latching gate also keeps household pets or other critters from entering the pool area on their own.

Parents should follow safety standards by removing all climbable objects within 90 cm of the pool barrier. That includes trees, shrubs, barbecues, pot plants, ladders and chairs. This is also a great time to remove and trim any vegetation around the fence or barrier to keep kids and critters out.

Keep It Covered

In some cases, putting up barriers just isn’t enough to keep out determined visitors to your pool. That is why keeping the pool and your spa covered when not in use is a great idea. Not only will sneaky visitors be unable to get in the water but your cover will help keep the water cleaner and at the perfect temperature for you to enjoy.

You will also need to remove any ladders or steps that are normally used to access the pool when securing the area with a safety cover, eliminating easy access for your children.

A Clean Pool is a Safe Pool

Keeping a clean and balanced pool is a great way to ensure the safety of everyone who wants to take a swim during the hot summer months. Because kids have very sensitive skin, it’s important to keep a watchful eye on your pool’s chemical levels this summer.

Regularly test the chemical levels in your pool to minimize the risk of children and adults getting sick with earaches, rashes or other, more serious medical issues.

Proper circulation and filtration are also an important part of keeping your pool safe and clean. If necessary, schedule a maintenance service with your AOL Pool Shop to make sure the filtration system is working in top-notch shape.

Swim Under Supervision Only

Although it can be tempting to let little ones stay out in the pool all day long, make sure an adult present. The easiest way to prevent accidents from happening at the pool this summer is to keep playtime supervised. Keep younger kids within arms reach and never allow inexperienced swimmers into the pool alone.

If you have inexperienced young swimmers in the pool, consider taking them for swimming lessons this summer. This is a great way to make everyone feel more confident in the pool and can give you, the homeowner, peace of mind while relaxing by the poolside.

And of course don’t forget to protect yourself and your kids from that intense midday sun. Keep swimming to low UV times, such as early morning. And if you do stray out in the heat of the day, slip, slop and slap with a shirt, sunscreen and hat!

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Prepare for Emergencies

As the owner of a pool it’s in your best interest to be trained to handle any emergencies that may arise. We advise taking the time to complete a water safety course, equipment safety course and CPR certification.

When you know that you and your family members are prepared for any possible pool emergency, you’ll feel much better about having kids in the water. You and your safety team can even enforce your own set of pool rules, such as no diving, no running and buddy swimming for younger swimmers.

Have a Safe, Happy and Fun Summer at the Pool

This summer be sure to remember the pool is a major hot spot for Aussies young and old. Keep your pool a safe and happy spot for all visitors by being a smart and proactive DIY homeowner. By following these simple and easy pool safety tips you can make sure the kids have fun swimming and playing all summer long.

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