Pool Chlorines

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used chemicals for keeping the water of Aussie pools clean and free of nasty bacteria and algae. At the AOL Pool Shop, we’re big on making sure your pool is as safe as possible for your family, that’s why we offer the best range of chlorines, with an option that will be perfectly suited to your pool or spa.

Our range of Chlorine’s also includes oxidisers to reduce the odour of your pool, and purifying tablets to give your pool chemicals a top up when needed. For extra value out of your chlorine, make sure to use it alongside a UV block out product, while also mixing in some water conditioner to prevent the water from feeling harsh on your skin.

To make your pool sparkle this season, browse our full range of chlorines online today! Remember, if you have any questions about what chemical mix is right for your pool, get in touch or simply pop in store for a hand.