Twist and Dose Pool Health Kit


The Australian backyard pool has the magical ability to bring family and friends together to enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle. However, it also requires ongoing monitoring of the water chemistry, which until now, was easier said than done. Whilst test strips are the most commonly used means by which pool owners measure water chemistry, they have two weaknesses: they don’t tell us which chemicals to use, or in what quantities to add them to water. Zodiac TWIST & DOSE is an innovative system designed to help maintain a healthy and sparkling pool, in between pool shop visits. TWIST & DOSE takes the guess work out of pool chemical dosing, saving you time and money.


• Twist & Dose device
• 3 in 1 Twist & Dose Test Strips (25 Strips)
• Measuring jug & scoop for balance chemicals (Zodiac Alkalinity Up, Zodiac PH Up, Zodiac PH Down)
• Measuring jug & scoop for purifier (Pool Sparkle Purifier Chlorine)
• Suitable for pool 40,000L – 60,000L





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