A Swimming Pool for Your Small Garden

Here in Australia, the cost of real estate is skyrocketing. For many of us, having a sprawling garden is a luxury. But this doesn’t mean a swimming pool in our gardens is out of the question. There are plenty of in-ground swimming pool options to beat the Aussie heat this December and spend time lounging and relaxing that the poolside.

pool in small backyard

Think out-of-the-box

Who says pools have to be rectangular in shape or stretch from one end of the garden to the other? A small garden means you have to think beyond the conventional swimming pool shape, so that it fits into your garden without taking up too much space and still leaves room for other family activities.

Many asymmetrical pools made from fibreglass and concrete are available in a variety of shapes. But it’s size you want to focus on.

The size you want shouldn’t overpower other elements of your garden. Fibreglass swimming pools are often restricted to set sizes, whereas concrete pools can have more flexible designs. But if you do find a fibreglass pool that’s the perfect fit for your petite yard, don’t worry about how to get it through your front gate. The pool installation company will use a crane to lift the pool over the fence and into your garden. It’s as simple as that!

Sacrificing volume for fit and comfort

Small gardens have limited space, so you’ll probably want an asymmetrically-shaped swimming pool. But this also means you’ll lose some volume capacity in your pool. But there is a benefit! Having a curved pool means you’ll have space to spare for a pool deck. You can decorate the poolside with a table and chairs and if there’s still space remaining, throw in a fire pit to host fun-filled BBQ parties.

If you aren’t into asymmetry and want something rectangular, you can still opt for it. This may reduce the deck space, but at least you’ll be happy and that’s most important. Think of getting a long albeit narrow swimming pool installed into your garden. This could mean a fair amount of customisation and so may cost more, but your satisfaction is most important.

Splurge on Luxuries

One of the best things about having a small pool is you’ll have more money to spare on those special features – which themselves won’t cost as much as if you were installing them in a larger pool.

With laminar jets, underwater jets, bubbles, and heaters, your pool can become your personal spa where you can de-stress and rejuvenate yourself.

What Do Aussie Trends Show?

If you are one to follow trends, it’s worth knowing fibreglass swimming pools are most popular in small gardens. This is because these pools are durable and easy to maintain. That said, there are still some who prefer concrete pools for small gardens because they’re easy to customise based on your budget and preferences.

Didn’t know it’d be so easy to install a swimming pool in a small garden? Contact AOL Pool Shop today for a free measure and quote to get the ball rolling on your latest outdoor installation.

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