Troubleshooter: I’ve Shocked My Pool – Why Is It Still Green?

Chemically shocking your pool is a necessary part of regular pool care. You may sometimes find your pool still murky green after you do your shock treatment. But never fear: this can be easily fixed!

Sadly, there’s no magic wand to wave to make your pool crystal clear overnight. Only three things will get your pool back to normal: proper chemicals, your filtration system, and plenty of patience.

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Preparing your pool to test and shock the water

The reason your pool turned green in the first place is because it had an abundance of metal elements in the water. So firstly, you need to clean up any debris in the water.

Use a leaf net to remove most of the larger debris. This will stir up the water. It will briefly look worse, but don’t worry: the fragments will settle in a few hours.

Testing the water

If your pool is green, it means it has very little to no chlorine. You don’t need to test for chlorine levels, since you’re going to shock your pool anyway, but you will need to test for pH.

If you have a high pH level, your pool will turn cloudier than normal after the shock treatment.

You can either use inexpensive test strips or a complete kit to do this part of the process. The kits usually contain all the chemicals you’ll need.

You want your pH to be low. If you get a reading on the higher end, add some muriatic acid.

You don’t have to worry about adding too much, since you’ll be retesting the levels after you shock the pool and let it circulate for four hours.

Shocking the pool

Once you have a pH reading below 7 you can start the process of shocking the pool. You’ll need liquid chlorine or granular chlorine.

Pool Chlorine Premium 10kg

Turn on your filter pump and begin to evenly disburse the chlorine around the pool until you’ve used the entire product.

It’s good to use a quality algaecide as well, which you can add after a few hours of circulating the pool.

Pumping and Filtration

Run your filter twenty-four hours a day and backwash it up to four times a day for the quickest results.

Hazy jade-green water will clog your filter quickly, so you’ll need to backwash it several times a day until your pool is clear once more.

D.E. (diatomaceous earth) Filters

If you have a D.E. filter, you’ll need to do a few things before you start backwashing:

  • Add fresh D.E. powder to the skimmer closest to your filter after each backwash
  • Shock the pool (see above)
  • Let your pump run for a full day

A D.E. filter requires more work, but it can clear up a green pool almost 50% faster than a sand filter.

Sand Filters

sand filter takes more time to clean up a green pool, since it has a less powerful filtration system than a D.E. filter. But you can try adding a few scoops D.E. powder to help it filter better.

Check your filter daily and backwash it if you see the average psi escalate to at least five above your pool’s “normal” level when it’s clear.


Cartridge Filters

Check your cartridge filter to make sure it’s in good working condition.

You’ll need to clean your pool more often with this kind of filter than any other. Run the filter twice a day for at least two days, or until the pool is clear.

The end result

After twenty-four hours of chemicals and circulation, you pool will start to transform. It shouldn’t be green anymore, but it will be murky and require a lot of brushing.

Remember to backwash your filter after twenty-four hours of constant circulation.

After completing this entire process, you should start to see your pool crystal clear, sparkling new and ready for a splash.

Maintain your pool

It’s always best to never let your pool get to this state, but we understand accidents can happen!

Don’t forget that regular maintenance is the only way to keep your swimming pool in its best condition. Make sure all your pool accessories and systems are up to date, and create a regular pool maintenance schedule.

Here at AOL Pool Shop, we’ve got a huge range of pool accessories and chemicals to keep your pool up to scratch. We also offer expert pool servicing and maintenance so you can sit back and sip a margarita while our pool experts make your pool as good as new.

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