What Chemicals Do I Need for My Pool?

Here at AOL Pool Shop we understand that not everyone comes with a degree in chemistry. But when the kids or pets are in and around the pool we want to know about all the chemicals that go into it. So what chemicals do you need for your pool to keep it safe, clean and healthy from the get go. And what ones keep and maintain that healthy level?

Firstly, applying chemicals to the pool is a balancing act of regular treatment. You want to keep those chemicals stable at all times, either in regular calculated doses or by monitoring a level and balancing it. It all sounds complicated in the beginning but it becomes second nature as you get used to it.

Pool Chlorine Chemicals

Pool chlorines help your water stay clear and sparkling. They help kill all the tiny critters that can rapidly multiply in untreated pools. Chlorine is an effective sanitizer that ensures bacteria, fungi and viruses are destroyed so infections are not spread if they enter the pool.

Pool Chlorine 4kg

Products such as pool chlorine allow you to put in accurate doses of chemicals like calcium hypochlorite to shock or maintain chlorine release into the water. There are also purifiers that will contain chlorine and an acid to help clear cloudy water. If you put in too much chlorine there are chlorine removers available to put this right.

Pool Balance Chemicals

There are many chemical levels to maintain to keep the pool clear, clean and healthy. The main ones are pH, alkalinity and hardness. These pool balance chemicals and stabilizers help the chlorine to do its job effectively and keep possible bacterial infection and algae under control. They also make the water mild on human (or pet) skin, comfortably keeping it within a healthy boundary.

The pH Down and pH Up products control the level of pH in your water. You add each product into the water according to the amount of change needed and the volume of water.

Alkalinity Up Twist and Dose bucket 2 kg

Pool acid lowers total alkalinity levels while Alkalinity Up restores them.

Calcium hardness is controlled with calcium products such as Calcium Up and Calcium down. These products also prevent problems such as too much limestone in the water supply or air bubbles in your water.

Pool Protection Chemicals

Once you have sanitizing right and the water balanced, there are a variety of pool protective chemicals. What you need will depend on your surrounding pool environment. For an open pool there are algaecides to help remove algae that ruins the appearance (and smell) of a pool once it takes hold.

Oxidizer and clarifier chemicals are there to help back up the algaecide. They often contain clever chemicals like UV blocks to protect present pool chemicals against the harsh sun.

Your pool’s lining can be protected with a variety of chemicals including rust and iron stain removers, scale stoppers, phosphate and metal removers. If your filter is struggling to clear the water, there are filter cleaner chemicals too.

Some chemicals (such as Ezy Twist and Dose products) even have a combination of purposes and make it easy to maintain your pool.

Pool Mineral Chemicals

Pool minerals can be used simply for health purposes and these can feel lovely on the skin. The MagnaPool™ Hydroxinator for example is built upon mineral science therapy. A number of salts are available too, sometimes used as an alternative to using chlorine chemicals.

Useful Pool Chemicals Tip

An effective way to reduce the amount of chemicals needed on a regular basis is by manually cleaning your pool of debris. This prevents the chemicals from working too much and using up more than necessary.

If you are still unsure about the use of any of these chemicals, pop into the AOL Pool Shop, in Regency Park, SA. We stock all manner of chemicals and will offer you knowledgeable, friendly advice on their safe use so your pool can be fresh, clean and healthy all year round. Otherwise, shop online for our full pool chemical range.

Alternatively, if you live near Adelaide, let us do the servicing and maintenance of your swimming pool for you.

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